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Do you want to know and assess your typing skills? Do you want to become more skilled? Then perhaps the best solution is to take the typing test. This is an online application wherein you will be able to check whether your typing skills is good enough or not.

This online application known as the typing test is fairly easy to use and understand. Once you are logged in to the application all you have to do is to type as quick and as accurate as you can all the words given in the box for the given time limit of one minute.

Once the time is up, you then be able to see your results, whether your typing skills are just fine or you need more practice. The results that are displayed includes the words per minute, keystrokes, correct words and wrong words. When you have a rate of twenty words per minute and below then that means you have a long way to go before achieving excellence.

However, if you have a rate of 50 words per minute or more then, your skills are definitely great. The use of the typing test app is definitely helpful in assessing your skills in typing which includes both speed and accuracy. It is very important that you have a balance between these two factors because these will determine how good of a typist you are. Speed in nothing if you get a lot of mistakes. That is why practice is the key to become a superb typist.